East High Class of "56"
Winter, 1996


This newsletter is to bring everyone up to date about our 40th class reunion, and to inform you of what we are trying to do to keep in touch..


Tour of East High:

Janeene Miller Carlisle reports that 13 of the gals got together (picture below) at Country Kitchen for brunch prior to the Friday Night Prairie Meadows festivities. They took a tour of our Alma Mater and sang Dear East High in the gymnasium. They report that the campus is as beautiful as always, but much larger. A bright and abundant library has been added, along with a new cafeteria. There has been a couple of streets closed off, and several new parking lots have been added. Janeene also reported that all the trophies from the 1950s were being polished by the 1940 class.


Back: Mary Lou Katzmann Goodman, Janice Crain Stueckrath, Pat Rounds Hockersmith, Deanna Wheatley Peterson, Mary Crum Moses, Hazel Harman Crocker, Bing Kinney Miller, Kay Johnson Inman, Barbra Evans Priest.

Front: Mary Lou Weisbro Nicholson, Sharel Tuers Spendlove, Linda White Towers, Janeene Miller Carlisle.



Prairie Meadows Friday August 30th:

This was the start of our 40th reunion. We met at Prairie Meadows for an evening of reminiscing, renewing old acquaintances, and friendships. Everyone was sizing everyone else up to see how much they had changed in 40 years. A few changes were dramatic, many had changed very little, but the amazing thing was, most everyone could still recognize everyone, even after 40 years. Plenty of excellent Hors d' oeuvre's and a cash bar made for a very pleasant evening for the 140 or so in attendance. It is rumored that a few took advantage of playing the slot machines in the casino, and made it a profitable evening also.


Embassy Suites Saturday August 31st:

We had 154 reservations for dinner at the Embassy Suites Hotel (83 graduates and their spouses or guest).  Of  this number 23 was from the January class, 59 from the June class, and one from the August class.  32 of the 83 graduates were from out of state.


Tom Pierick, Hazel Harman Crocker, Ruth Ann Collins Pierick (class of 55), Ron Larson.


There was a cash bar starting at 6:30 pm. A class picture was taken at 7:15 followed by an excellent sit down dinner being served  about 7:30.  The tables were set up with black tablecloths with a red floral centerpiece. There was a black coffee cup at each place with  a red school  logo, and Aclass of 56", Lee Township against the World, printed on it.  These mugs were  a memento for those in attendance. Prior to dinner there was an invocation by classmate, reverend John Hill.

Bob Trotter acted as MC for the program following the dinner.

Larry Fogelson, Barbra Evans Priest, Ken Viggers, Sally Peterson Goeser, Sharel Tuers Spendlove, Charles Allen, Jerry Brown.


 Wendel Webb, who was the assistant principal during our high school years gave a short address welcoming everyone back. Coach Bob Savage reminisced about the way things were 40 years ago compared to the way things are today. He said we enjoyed the best of times to be in school in the mid 50's.  Coach Savage also bragged that the football team of the fall of 55 was probably the best team that he ever coached.

A microphone was passed around to all the graduates to take a few moments to introduce themselves, and their spouse or guest if present, and to make any brief comment about themselves or the reunion.

A video was put together and shown covering the years and times we were in school. They also were video taping the events Saturday night to add to this video. (They have now completed this video, and it is available to anyone who would like to order one for $20.00.  It will  make a nice keepsake for everyone, especially if  you were not at the reunion.  If anyone else wants a copy, contact: Apple Video productions by using the order blank at the back of this newsletter. They said it would take about two weeks to ship).

Numerous door prizes were drawn for. A special door prize of a beautiful East High Afghan was awarded to the individual who came the furthest to attend the reunion. It went to Dennis Parker who came from the Virgin Islands, where he works and resides.

There was a 50's style juke box with all 50's songs that provided the music for the evening.  The nostalgia was  thick in the air when these oldies but goodies was playing, just  as it was when we sang the school song. It was a real trip down memory lane. 

We announced that we were going to get together every few months or so, for dinner at different restaurants. Anyone who wanted to come was welcome.

Janeene Miller Carlisle, Jerry Brown, Deanna Wheatley  Peterson, Larry  Gilliland, Max Miller, Dan Strosnider, Denny Parker, Sharel Tuers Spendlove.


At least this would be a way to keep in touch on a local level.



Class Reunion Poem:

The following poem was given to me by Roberta Elin Abbott. She copied it from an Iowa Methodist Medical Center News for Nurses. by Donna Presnell. It goes to the rhyme and rhythm of It was the Night Before Christmas.

             It was my class reunion, and all through the house,

 I checked in each mirror and begged by poor spouse

 To say I looked great, that my chin wasn’t double

 And he lied through false teeth, just to stay out of trouble.

 Said that ‘neath my thick glasses, my eyes hadn’t changed,

 And I had the same figure, it was just a mite rearranged.

 He said my skin was still silky, although looser in drape,

 Not so much like smooth satin, but more like silk crepe.

 I swallowed his words hook, sinker, and line

 And entered the banquet feeling just fine.

 Somehow I’d expected my classmates to stay

 As young as they were on that long-ago day.

 We’d hugged farewell hugs. But like me, through their years,

 They’d added gray to their hair or pounds to their rears.

 But as we shared a few memories and retold some class jokes,

 We were eighteen in spirit, though we looked like our folks.

 We turned up hearing aid volumes and dimmed down the  light,

 Rolled back the years, and were young for the night.


Latin King Restaurant October 10, 1996:

Eighteen people got together for dinner at the Latin King restaurant. Another four individuals who couldn’t make it for dinner did show up later for some conversation. This was somewhat of a pleasure and business meeting combined. We are still waiting for the rest of the bills to come in, but it would appear that we can replace the seed money that was passed on to us from the last class reunion (to start the next reunion with), and possibly buy a plaque or something to hang up at East High from the class of “56".  That will be discussed this at a later date. The next dinner get together which will be at Christopher’s restaurant on November 18th. It was also decided to send this follow up newsletter to all the classmates, including those who for whatever reasons could not make this reunion, to not only show you what you missed, but to more importantly, impress upon you how much you were missed.  Hopefully, you can make the next one.


Comments on Reunion, Book, etc:

Several committee members received some very nice Thank You cards from some of the people who attended the reunion. We are glad everyone had  a good time. We also received some very nice compliments on the book.  Your committee members had a ball planning this reunion, and your reception and participation made it all worthwhile.  


Class Pictures:

The class picture was done by Charles D. Stover Photography of Norwalk, Iowa. They agreed to take the class picture with no obligation to the class to purchase. They printed up a number of pictures, and returned to the reunion to sell them at $10.00 a piece. The problem was, they also took a Valley 20 year reunion picture the same night, and an error was made on the date shown on our picture. It says Class of 1976 instead of 1956. They were contacted in regards to this, and they state that they informed everyone that night that it had the wrong date on it. The latest concession we could get out of them was, anyone who purchased a picture should send it to them, and they will send another picture with the correct date on it. Several have already done this. Others are  reluctant to send their picture back, fearing it could become Alost in the mail, either going or coming, and then they could be out altogether.  However, if anyone is interested in doing so, their address is as follows: Charles D. Stover Photography, 1305 Sunset Drive, Norwalk, Iowa. Zip Code 50211. Phone # 515-981-4217.  We are still trying to negoiate some sort of a compromise, but have had no luck as yet. Please supply us with the following information right away.

1. Names of everyone who purchased a               picture.

2. Did they point out to you the night of the        reunion that it had the wrong date on it?

3. Have you already had your picture                  replaced?

Please send the answers to the above three questions right away to:

Larry Fogelson

3121-Twana Drive

Des Moines, Iowa    50310


Christopher’s Restaurant November 18:

Twenty-five people got together for dinner, conversation, a short business meeting, and a good time. There were still some unsettled accounts, so we could not close out the finanicial picture as yet. But, everything looks good. Our next dinner get together will be 6:30 P.M.  on Monday, March 3, at the New Tavern Restaurant located at 1755-50th.  This is  south of University on the east side of 50th. (Near the Holiday Inn in WDM).  We need to have a minimum of 30 people to get the private room. Please call Janeene Miller Carlisle at 984-6030 or Bob Trotter at 276-9274 by February 27th if you will be able to attend, and the number of people that will be in your party. Call another classmate and bring them and their spouse or friend. Lets have at least 40.


Old Scroll:

Shirley Selover and Bill Foster sent me a copy of the East High Scroll dated January 13, 1955. It talked of the Senior Class Night to be held January 24th. The theme of Class Night was to be Sleigh Bells. Snow  King and Queen of class night was Ron Green, and Luanne Kohbusch. Highlight of the evening was to be the presentation of the class play, Sugar and Spice.

The wrestling squad had two members who were as yet undefeated, they were Ronnie Senecaut and Bob Knox.

In basketball, John Cisna of East was the leading percentage scorer in the city with Ron Maigaard (East) third. Randy Duncan (Who?)  of Roosevelt was second.

Red and Black were chosen as the school colors in 1894 when East adopted football as a school sport.  


Future Newsletters?

Do you want to see this newsletter continued  on a semi-annual basis?  It could be used for address change updates, retirements, change of  jobs, travel plans,  good news or honors that you want to share with others, or even serious illnesses or injuries, death notices,etc.  If you are interested,  send the following:

1.  Please send a donation of $2.00 by   

     February 1, 1997 to:

     Shirley Robinette

     812-E. 22nd Ct.

     Des Moines, Iowa     50317

     This will cover the cost of  printing,                lables, postage, etc. for the two                       1997 issues. This date is important, so            we know the size of the interest.  

2.  Send any information, unreturnable clear         pictures, etc., for publication to:

     Larry Fogelson,

     3121 Twana Drive

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      Information must be  received by April 1,        1997 for the Summer issue, and October         1, 1997 for the Winter  issue.


           HAPPY HOLIDAYS 

East High Class of  A56" Reunion Picture Identification:                             


1st Row, seated left to right:   John Beal, Dan Strosnider, Harvey Thompson, Larry  Soloman, Larry  Fogelson

Tom Abbott, Jerry  Schartner, Jerry  Hall, Ken Viggers, Gene Davis, Steve Larson, Ron Larson, Charles Allen


2nd row, seated left to right:   Shirley  Grant Robinette, Donna Mumford Jackson, Barbara Johnson Brown

Hazel Harman Crocker, Pat Jones Mondike, Linda White Towers, Nancy  Lund Belluchi, Jean Allstead, Kay Edwards

Alcantar, Sherry Lair Northcutt, Marian Adams Cotter, Mary Lou Katzman Goodman, Janice Crain Stueckrath, Sally Peterson Goeser, Bing Kinney  Miller, Carol Adams, Yvonne Miller Nauman, Tom Pierick.


3rd row, standing left to right:   Jerry  Brown, Janeene Miller Carlisle, Deanna Wheatly Peterson, Helen Cooper Mary Lou Weisborod Nicholson, Kay Johnson Inman, Donna Mathis Wright, Rae Atkinson Leto, Alfreda Moore Emery, Sharel Tuers Spendlove, Elizabeth Schoonover Emanuel, Mevelyn Wooderson Richardson, Marilym Day Schoonover, Barbara Evans Priest, Rosemary Housenfluck Bishop, Pat Rounds Hockersmith, Mary Crum Moses, Dorothy Beck Stroh, Marlene Roberts Wheeler, Sharon Whitehead Stillwell, Donna Turner Beal, Denny Ross, Jerry Reese.


4th row, standing left to right:   Bob Trotter, John Hill, Milton Keyes, Don Stillwell, Bob Baldwin, Rod Campbell, Jerry  Smith, Larry Watkins, Arnold Erickson, Don Monson, Ron Olson, Ed McCartney, Harold Olson, Lyle Simpson

Lyle Norman, Don  Sullivan, Bill  Foster, Denny  Parker, Larry  Gilliland, Max Miller, Don  Spaw, Larry  Anderson.


5th row, standing left to right:   John  Sullivan, Don  Patton, Sam Carmichael, Chuck McQuerry.


Not Pictured:    Bill Owens

Also not pictured: All the class members who couldn’t make it this time-hope we see everyone at the next one.




























































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3121 - Twana Dr.

Des Moines, Iowa   50310