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                  June, 1998


April 20, 1998 Dinner 

   We had a dinner get together at the Four Seasons Dinner at 304- E. 30th, (East 30th & Walnut). 24 people showed up and had a great time. We had about 5 minutes of business, and about a hour and a half of great conversation. Everyone seemed to have a great time. We were also impressed with the good food, and service. We had a party room all to ourselves, everyone ordered what they wanted from a menu, and received their own checks. There was a 15% gratuity added to each persons check. It is not the Embassy Club, but we had privacy, good food, lots of it, good service, at a very reasonable price, and most important of all, a lot of time for great conversation with each other. Everyone present wanted to come back there for the next dinner get-together. So, we made a reservation for October 19th at 6:30 pm for the same place.  Write it on your calendar now. Call one of the following by October 15th if you can attend. Janeene Carlise, Pat Hockersmith, Robert Trotter, or Larry Fogelson.

Those present at this dinner included:

   Larry & Jackie Soloman

   Larry & Margaret Fogelson

   Bob & Connie Trotter

   Judi & Lyle Norman

   Larry & Pat (Rounds) Hockersmith

   Don & Mary (Crum) Moses

   Bob & Linda Mentzer

   Ron (Sonny) & Yvonne (Miller) Nauman

   Kay (Edwards) & Chico Alcantar

   Shirley & Bud Robinette

   Dee Ann Breubaker (Logan)

   Gwendolyn Stubbs

Janeene & Larry Carlise


Letters of Thanks from East High:

   We received the following letters of “Thanks” from the East High Band Boosters, and the Boys Basketball coach for the contributions made with the leftover money from the Class of “56" reunion.


   “On behalf of the East High Marching Band students, I want to thank you for your generous donation of $250.00. To date we have received over $3,000.00 in response to our request for donations.  Although this is not nearly enough to buy new uniforms yet, it is a good start.  In addition, we completed several fundraisers this fall.”

     Thank you again for your support.

Beth Potter, President

East High Band Boosters.


   “To East High Class of 1956,

We would like to Thank you very much for your donation of $250.00 to the Basketball Program. With the financial situation of The District and our Athletic Department, your  contribution is greatly needed and much appreciated.  Many of the young men in this program come from very needy Families, and this will allow me to give them the same opportunities as their Teammates, and as those Athletes at other High Schools.

Thank You again for your wonderful contribution!”

Andy Howard

 Head Boy’s BB Coach


E-Mail from Carol Graney DeChant

Carol states that her sister, Kathleen Graney Finkenauer and her husband George are moving into McAuley Terrace Retirement home in Johnston, Ia. in June, 1998. Both are semi-retired; she works during tax season for H&R Block.

   Carol Graney DeChant has signed a contract for a book with Loyola Press. Working title is “Hope With Hindsight”. She described it as “growing up” stories, so quite a bit of material is about East Des Moines in the ‘50s. Her deadline is July: for publication fall, 1999.

   Carol vowed that the year she turned 60 (this year) she’d be writing full time, and it’s worked out better then she expected. She has largely turned her PR business, DeChant-Hughes & Assoc. Inc,. Chicago, over to her partner. She’s 35 and better suited to continue it into the Millennium. Carol is enjoying the challenge of something new.

Keep us posted on the book Carol, it sounds like it would be very interesting reading.


Subject Of Flying:

  On a particular flight a pilot had landed the airplane rather hard on the runway. It was the pilot’s duty to greet each passenger as they left the aircraft. In light of his bad landing, he had a hard time looking each passenger in the eye. Finally everyone had gotten off except one little old lady. “Sonny, mind if I ask you a question? Did we land or were we shot down?” 


    Upon another particular hard landing, the pilot gets on the PA system, “Sorry folks for the hard landing. It wasn’t the pilot’s fault, and it wasn’t the plane’s fault. It was the asphalt.”



Classmate updates from Pat (Rounds) and Larry  Hockersmith:

   It was nice to see Dee Ann (Logan) Brewbaker at our April Class dinner. She is progressing well since suffering a severe stroke last July.


   For the past two years, Kay (Johnson) Inman has had serious leg problems including by pass surgery on her left leg. In February Kay had a right hip replacement. She is now doing very well.

   Kay and her husband Gordon, who farm near Mendota, Il. were having a difficult time getting their crops in due to the unusually wet midwest spring.

   Kay’s correct area code is 815 instead of 309 as listed in our E.H.S. reunion book.


   Deanna (Wheatley) Peterson, who moved to Tulsa Ok. Just before our class reunion, was hospitalized last November. Her blood pressure was high, but is now under control, and she is doing fine.

   Deanna would like to hear from us. If anyone would care to drop her a note, she would love it.


   Pat (Rounds) Hockersmith and her husband Larry will be leaving soon to their summer home at Long Lake, near Park Rapids MN. where they divide most of the summer and fall between their lake home and their home in Clive.

    Pat had a total knee replacement in October of 96, just after the class reunion. Pat has recovered nicely due to the expertise of Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stephen Taylor, E.H. class of “66", who also did two knee replacements for Coach Bob Savage.


   Lyle and Judi Norman are currently building a new home in Pleasant Hill, just East of Des Moines. Lyle is doing most of the building construction himself.


   Marion (Adams) Cotter and her husband Bob returned to Des Moines in March after a two month stay in San Patricio Melaque, Mexico, and will soon be leaving to their summer home at Long Lake, near Park Rapids, MN. where they divide their time between their lake home and their Des Moines home.

   Bob and Marion now have nine grandchildren (including two sets of twins) who keep them very busy.


   Donald Lund recently wrote to East High Alumni Past President Lyle Simpson inquiring about the class of “56".

   Don was on our “unknown” list, and we are happy he found us.

   Don’s address is:

Donald R. Lund


P.O. Box 9680

Treasure Island, FL. 33740-9680

   Sure hope Don can make our next class reunion.


   In December of “96", Sue (Larson)Logan suffered a severe stroke while being prepared for surgery for an extensive abdominal tumor. She was in very critical condition for some time, but has since recovered, and is doing great


Wedding Bells for Nancy Rai Miller.

   The following was taken from the February, 1998 issue of Midwest Country News.

   We’ve all heard how “God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.”

   My family and friends have always known of my desire to be married. Some said I was too particular, but I’ve always maintained (tongue in cheek)’ that if they saw some of the guys I’ve gone with, they wouldn’t say that. Most of my adult life I have prayerfully petitioned God to send me someone I could love, someone who would love me in return. I had about decided he wasn’t going to answer my prayer. After all, fifty nine is way past the age for most women to get married for the first time. 

    Then in August of “97" I met a gentleman named Bob Quillen thru some friends. Bob was on his way to a festival where he would be playing with the “Possum Trot” bluegrass band. Bob was from Boone, Ia. and works

for DeWitt Implement in Ogden, Ia. He had been widowed that past spring after forty one years of marriage.

    Bob and I were amazed at how many music friends we had in common. We hit it off well. I felt sure there had been a “click.”

    After several trips back and forth, and numerous phone calls, Mr Right popped the question, and I said YES.

    Bob has retired and moved to the Branson area, and Nancy Rai and Bob are planning to be married in June at the “Wilderness Church” at Silver Dollar City.

“Congratulations Nancy”


Caribbean Cruise

    Shirley (Grant) Robinette and her husband Bud took a cruise this past January with a group from the Des Moines Elks lodge #98. Also in the group was Bucky Vaughn, another former East grad. Shirley states that they had a wonderful time.

     Bud retired the end of May from Anderson Erickson Dairy. Shirley still works for the school district at Roosevelt High School.           Booooo!


Unexpected 60th celebration 

    Larry Fogelson capped a 60th birthday open house celebration by becoming extremely ill that night with abdominal pains. It went away within a couple of days, and he and his wife Margaret set out on a vacation for St. Louis, and then on to Atlanta. But after arriving in St. Louis, the abdominal pains returned. After three days, instead of going on to Atlanta, we returned to Des Moines. After several days of testing, and four days of hospitalization, it was determined that I had a bad gall bladder. Being a holiday weekend, I was informed that they do not do any surgery except emergency surgery. So, I was sent home and surgery was scheduled for the following week. I had the surgery late Wednesday night May 27, and am home now recuperating, and trying to get this newsletter out. It is taking me a while. Can’t seem to sit here for long periods, and it takes me long periods to get any thing done even when every thing is ok.


Computer talk related to 40 years ago

A computer was something on TV from a science fiction show.

A window was something you hated to clean.

A ram was a cousin of a goat.

A program was a TV show.

A cursor used profanity.

A keyboard was on a piano.

Memory was something  you lost with age.

Log on was adding wood to the fire.

Hard drive was a long trip on the road.

A web was a spider’s home.

A virus was the flu.

A mouse pad was usually a hole in the wall.

A CD was a bank account.

I hear nobody’s been killed in a computer crash, but when it happens, they wish they were dead.

Oldest living Grad’s Love for East High

Copied from the Des Moines Register:

    Stella Mae (Fredregill) Hammer at 97 years young has a lot of vivid memories.

    She remembers seeing Halley’s comet when she was 10, and she remembers the time in 1915 when Orville Wright came barnstorming through Des Moines, working out of an airfield where Merle Hay Mall is today, and charging $15.00 for a 15-minute plane ride.

    She even remembers the day the Titanic sank back in 1912 when she was a fifth grader. She remembers her father was talking about it with another man, about all those rich people dying. All the jewels and money that went down. It was sad.

    But Stella’s favorite memories are of her days at East High School. She graduated in 1919, and the school’s alumni association recognized Stella again at this past annual alumni meeting as the oldest living graduate.

    Stella’s proud of that title. She has her diploma and class picture on display in her West Des Moines apartment, along with her eighth-grade diploma from Grant Park school. That school is now called Willard.

     Stella was one of eight children, of which only two graduated from High School, with Stella being the first.

    Stella lives alone and takes care of herself. Stella says she thanks God every day. She still has her hearing, eyes, and her mind, but now walks with a cane because she is afraid of falling.


George Clark moves to Show Low, AZ

    George Clark retired from Frys’s Pharmacy in Mesa, AZ. George and his wife Martha are having  a new home built in Show Low, AZ. It is expected to be ready to move into in June of this year. George says he will probably look for part time work.

Crockers moving to Florida

     Hazel (Harmon) Crocker and her husband Dean are moving to Florida around July or so. They currently have a small house there that they used as a winter home this past winter. Hazel says they will probably buy something larger after they move down there.

    For now, the Crockers address will be:

721 Dumas St.

Lady Lake, FL.   32159

(352) 750-4639

We will miss your smiling face, and your quick witticisms.


Joe Woxell to California

     According to Hazel, Joe Woxell just moved to California. Their house won’t be ready until August or September. Hopefully,

Joe will send us his new address when he gets settled.


40th Reunion Video still available

    According to Pat Hockersmith, videos of the 40th class reunion may still be obtained. These videos covered the 40th reunion plus pictures and memories from our high school days. They are approximately one hour in length. Simply send $20.00 and request the Class of “56" 40th reunion tape to:

   Apple Video

   Attn: Frank

   8527 - University

   Clive, IA.    50325


Donations for Newsletter

    We have received donations from the following individuals to help perpetuate the NewsLink newsletter.

    S. Glee Sorenson Brouillard

    Ray & Kay Inman

    Carol DeChant

    Larry & Jackie Solomon

    We want to thank these individuals very much for their donations. It is very much needed and appreciated. In addition to these individuals donations, the original committee members contributed donations.  

     All donations of any size not only will be accepted, but will very much be appreciated.  These donations will help to offset the cost of mailing labels, envelopes, stamps, printing, etc. It is quite costly, almost $300.00 per mailing, but we would like to maintain this link, and try to keep track of as many grads as we can. Besides, we think its kind of neat for everyone to see what is going on with their classmates. 

    Please send all donations to:

    Shirley Robinette

    812 E. 22nd Ct.

    Des Moines, IA.   50317


From the East High Alumni Scroll

Excellence abounds at East High School! Below are some current achievements!


    Senior Lance Lethcoe was awarded first place in the high school division of the Fire Safety Poster Contest.

    For the first time, classes are being taught this year for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, with six students enrolled.

   Senior Ryan Cook is one of six National Merit Scholar finalists in the Des Moines School District.

    Drama teacher Ruth Ann Gaines was selected as Iowa’s Teacher of the Year.

    Anthony Crum and Chris Standley, both 1997 graduates, were named to the All-State Elite baseball team. Crum was selected as the most valuable player of the All-Star tournament.




Scroll---”Striving Young Minds”

    The Academic Decathlon team led by coach Anda Liepa went to Dension, Ia. for the State Tournament.

    “I was so excited,” said coach Liepa. “I just knew they could win, but they didn’t think they could beat the powerful teams like Urbandale and Valley.”

   East won 14 individual medals, and fourth place overall. East did win first place in the Super Quiz Oral competion. Team member Swoboda received first place in the state individually, and will participate in the Panasonic Games held in Florida.


Address Changes


Allsteadt, Jean

1800 Grand Ave. #293

West Des Moines, Ia.   50265


Clark, George

6727 Cheney Ranch Loop Road

Show Low, AZ    85901


Copeland, Delores (Baldock)

2953 W. Sunranch Trail

Tucson, AZ   85743


Larson, Georgia (Vergas)

2801 - Brook Ridge Court S.

Waukesha, WI     53188


Law, Larry

217 - Beech St.

Helena AR     72342


Olsen, Harold

1600 Prairie Circle

Altoona, IA     50009`




Mark Your Calendar for Oct Dinner

    Mark your Calendar now for October 19th dinner get-together at the Four Seasons Dinner at 310 - E. 30th.

     Call one of the following by Oct. 15th if you can attend:

     Janeene Carlise_____984-6030

     Pat Hockersmith___ 226-8996

     Larry Fogelson____ 279-0013

     Bob Trotter_______276-9274     

We have to let them know how many to expect.



    I need any and all news to put in this newsletter to you. You may not think it newsworthy or of any importance, but it is at least something about you, and your classmates are interested in hearing about what is going on with other classmates.

    Please send information about you, your E-Mail address, or even pictures if you have any, of you, home, vacation, new car, etc. to:


Larry Fogelson

3121 - Twana Dr.

Des Moines, IA      50310

(515) 279-0013


Or you may E-Mail me at:  ChiefFog@concentric.net


Other E-Mail addresses

Tom Abbott       Tabbott@concentric.net

Bob Mentzer      RLMent@AOL.com

Larry Solomon   Mainmain60.com


     Have a Nice Summer!