East High Class of “56”

                   East High Class of “56”


                        June,  2000 







We had a nice dinner get together on April 17th at the La Pizza House. There were 33 in attendenance. There was a lot of good conversation, and a little discussion about the up coming 45th reunion in 2001.  Several in attendenance said that they had retired or were going to retire. Jerry Ott said he had been teaching school for the past twenty eight years, in both Saydel, and up in Nora Springs, Ia., and had retired. Bob Mentzer had worked as a printing salesman, and was going to retire the end of May. Jerry Hall said he was retiring this year or next year. Jerry has been a Physical Education Teacher for the Des Moines School System. Larry Solomon has retired from the Des Moines Waterworks. Larry also volunteered to help with the planning of the 45th Class reunion for 2001. Larry and his wife Jackie recently purchased and moved into a older home in Adel. They are in the process of restoration of the home. Lots of work Larry, and we appreciate your also volunteering your time for the reunion committee.

   Those in attendance at the Get-together:

Chico & Kay (Edwards) Alcantar, Don & Arlene Spaw, Jerry & Diane (Ballinger) Ott, Gwendolyn (Brewer) Stubbs, Yvonne (Miller) & Sonny Nauman, Bob & Linda Mentzer, Larry & Margaret Fogelson, Janeene (Miller) & Larry Carlisle, LaVae (Konz) & Larry Willson, Lyle & Judi (Story) Norman, Phil & Barb (Lowe) Penn, Jerry Hall, Norma (Treanor) & Bill Burke, Shirley (Grant) & Bud Robinette, Dale & Marlene (Roberts) Wheeler, Larry & Jackie




Solomon, Linda (White) Towers, Larry & Pat (Rounds) Hockersmith.


    The next dinner get-together will be Monday, September 25th at 6:30 pm at Pagliai’s Pizza, 5312 Merle Hay Road. It is about 1/3rd of a mile north of I-80 on the west side of Merle Hay Road.  They will have a room for us. They serve some of the best Pizza in town. They also serve pasta’s, sandwich’s, and salads.  Mark your calendar now.


    The following pictures were taken by Janeene Carlisle at the April get-together:


 Diane (Ballinger) Ott, Jerry Ott, Arlene Spaw, Don  Spaw


Back: Judi (Story) Norman,  Lyle Norman

Front: Pat (Rounds) Hockersmith, Larry Hockersmith


Kay (Edwards) & Chico Alcantar, Larry & LaVae (Konz)Willson


Larry Fogelson, Bob & Linda Mentzer, Sonny Nauman



Howdy Y’all from Tulsa!


   Hope you guys had a good Xmas, and want to send you a new year greeting. I got my newsletter today, I’m always glad when I get it. I’m still working. I will probably take retirement next year. Still don’t have date yet. They will be outscoring the payroll dept. it will be relocated in Houston I think. My severance package will be 12 months of severance, lunp sum retirement and medical insurance.

   I plan on staying in Tulsa for the time being. I have my doctors here and I get to see them every 3 months whether I want to or not. It has been a year now, and I am doing just fine. Think of me.

       Deanna (Wheatly) Peterson

(Real glad to hear you’re doing OK Deanna)


Inquiry from Albuquerque!


    Received a phone call from Charles Sexton from Albuquerque, NM. Chuck was inquiring as to who else lived in the area. Chuck  says he does see Larry Rummans on a periodic basis in the area.

   Chuck had a auto salvage business in Missouri for a while, but says he left that about 1969, and started selling Mobile Homes. Chuck says he has lived in Albuquerque for about 18 years now. His children still all live up here in the colder climates. I believe 3 in Iowa, and 2 in Illinois. Chuck loves the weather there. Says their snows come in the morning, and are gone by noon. Gets to Pheonix occasionally, and has played golf there. But thinks it is to hot in summer time.

   I wish I could remmember more of what Chuck had to say, but I was busy looking up names while I was talking to him. He did invite me to stop by sometime while I am on the way to Mesa. It was certainly good talking to you Chuck.


Wants to be Counted

   So happy to get another issue of “NewsLink,” and even though I don’t remember a lot of faces, most names “ring a bell.” Therefore, like the suggestion of pictures when possible. Would love to see some “Now” and “Then” pictures. After 43 years, I’ll bet there would be a lot missed.

   Anyway, I am writing this because Maryland was left off the list. I may be the only alum out here, but I would like to be counted. Keep up the good work.

   Nancy (Harris) Robinson

(Nancy, you weren’t missed. I just listed the top 10 states with the most in them. There were 20 other states besides Maryland that all had 3 or less,  Maryland incidently has two alum there).


Dear Larry, I remember you well as you were……Since highschool, and after Drake, it was on to Georgetown, then to Virginia, and after an MA and a PhD, it was on to Spain where we went for one year, two years, 33 years. Two children and three grandchildren who live in Conn.

   Now I enjoy having put together a part-time career with the Department of State and the Council of International Educational Exchange. I am US Counsel in Seville, and director of the Council’s 800 plus student center here. Although I never get back to Iowa because of work schedules, my wife and I do visit Conn. Where our daughter is raising three children and finishing an MA in library sciences. We spent five days at Xmas there.

   If anybody comes to Spain, look me up at the US Consulate in Seville. Spain is, well, let’s call it a tasteful southern California. (That remark should provoke reactions for the News Letter).

   I really enjoy the New Letter and I am sending you a check. When I see the names of so many people who were around in the happy days of East High, it is like finding a photo of very happy years past that will live as long as we do.      Best wishes to all,

          Jerry Johnson, class of “56” too.

 (I remember you well too Jerry…Good times. Maybe you could plan on a trip for the 45th, around Labor day, 2001)



I have so enjoyed the NewsLink, and was very pleased to hear about Mary Kay Peacock! HELLO MARY KAY!

   I don’t have much to report. My husband of 45 years is preparing for retirement in March, and we will be taking a trip to Florida then.

   I have 4 great children, and 10 wonderful grandchildren. My oldest daughter and my twin granddaughters are planning a trip to New York City, where I go every year, and by the way, I love it.

   Barbara (Belluchi) Wertz comes in from Chicago quite often and we either talk or get together. We have been friends since about 1943.

   Keep the NewsLink coming, it brings back great memories of many school friends.

    Janet (Griffiths) Harmon



   I am enclosing a check to help with the postage for the East High “Class of 56” NewsLink.

   I have offically retired as of Dec. 31, 1999 from Principal Financial Group, and moved to Texas. My husband Joe and I bought a home just about 2 miles from Belton. We are between 2 lakes (Stillhouse Hollow and Belton). We plan on getting a lot of use out of both once we are unpacked.

   All 3 of my kids are in Texas. One is only 10 miles away and the farthest is still 400, but that is still a lot better then the 1300 that it was.

   If anyone is down this way, please feel free to call and stop by.

     Donna (Mumford) Eide



    Dear Larry, I recently visited with JoAnn (Brady) Wilson and Marlene (Roberts) Wheeler from our graduation class of “56”, and learned that you have a newsletter that you put out. I would very much appreciate your putting me on the list to receive this newsletter.

   I understand I just missed a few years ago the 40th year class reunion. Perhaps I can keep better informed if this sort of information is in the newsletter. I do plan if at all possible-to attend our 45th reunion.

   Again, my thanks in advance for adding me to your distribution list.

 Suzanne (Samo) Newton – Keller, Tx.

(Happy to do so Suzanne. The last address’ we had on you was for Houston, and then Lewiston)



    After the book singing at Borders in Des Moines, I returned to my own and husband’s surgery, but we are both doing well by this Newsletter. I so enjoy the newsletter and all the participation. Also isn’t email wonderful?  My new email is: Dechant773@aol.com.

     On the missing list, Janice (Crain) Stueckrath told me that Sherry (Deskin) Holsman moved back to DM. Maybe she can contact you about this. (I hope so)

   Lyle Simpson tells me EHS has the nation’s largest alumni (HS) association. I’d love to hear more about that. Maybe Lyle could write an article with more info. about this. I gather he has been very active.

   When I read of Mr. Storer’s death, I thought of when he first came to East, and had a difficult time remembering all the students names. He figured he couldn’t go wrong shouting out any Scandanavian name. After asking a question, he’d yell “Johnson?” or “Erickson?’ etc. knowing someone in the room had that name. Not only did I enjoy his wit, but I also never got called on to answer a question in his physics class. He also taught me creative memory

and  a love for Photography.   

   Carol (Graney) DeChant






  Larry, I was inspired by the arrival of the most recent NewsLink to do a major update of the Class of 56 Web Site at: http:/www.tfl.net/EHS56  This might help people like Judith Howard who misplaced their copy of the Quill.

   I’ve cc:ed the email addresses listed in the December 99 NewsLink. Robert Mentzer no longer can be reached at RLMent@aol.com, and Larry Soloman’s address was incomplete in the list. Considering the percentage of the population now on-line, there have to be many more classmates with email addresses. Maybe an appeal for email addresses in the June edition of NewsLink would fill in some of the blanks. By the way, please note the change in my email address.  tom@tfl.net

   Please keep up the good work on the NewsLink, I really enjoy it. I’ll try to be as responsive as I can with requests for additions to our cyber-presence. If anyone has an image of something more appropriate and authentic for our banner page, I will put it up in a heartbeat.

   Regards   Tom Lettington


(Tom, I just had someone install a shredder in my computer, so I will download the previous Newsletters, for you to list on the Web-Site if possible. I can’t do the Dec. 99 because I have lost it in the computer. Maybe you can scan one if I send it with the floppy disks and get it on somehow. I’m one who uses the Site to look up unfamiliar faces, because I too have misplaced my June Quill. Thanks for everyone for what you have done.   Larry )



Bud Robinette (Shirley Grants Husband)-  Knee Replacment

William Howard(Mary Lou Carnals Husband)- Ankle Replacement

Deanna (Wheatly) Peterson-Cancer

Carol (Graney) DeChant & Husband-Surgery





     A group met on June 6th to discuss a 45th reunion in 2001. The group consisted of :

Jeaneene (Miller)and Larry Carlisle, Shirley (Grant) and Bud Robinette, Larry & Jackie Solomon, Robert Trotter, Larry Fogelson, Pat(Rounds) and Larry Hockersmith.

    We are in the process of hunting for places to hold the activities for an informal Friday nite get-together and a Saturday nite dinner. Right now, we are looking for the locations, to nail them down, with other details to be worked out later.

   We are looking at Labor Day weekend for 2001. Labor Day weekend worked out so well the last time. If anyone has any ideas or input to add to this, please contact one of the above mentioned committee members. Also, if anyone wants to serve on this committee, please contact one of the committee members.

    It would be nice if we could get some kind of prelimary advance notice as to what kind of crowd we might expect for the 45th. Right now we are just shooting in the dark figuring it could be anyplace between 75 and 175. Please respond if at all possible. We should have things pretty well finalized by the Dec. NewsLink. But, plan for it now.



    We have received a lot of nice compliments about the NewsLink, and how everyone wants us to keep it going. But, the donations have dropped off during the past 6 months or so. Hope that doesn’t mean that the majority of you are tired of it. Several individuals have sent donations more than once. I know that not everyone can afford to make a donation to support the NewsLink, but it would be nice if more people would make a donation, and not always have the same individuals sending the support. It averages about $275.00 per mailing for Stamps, envelopes, printing, and labels. So, please help out if you can. We would appreciate it. The latest round of contributors were:

   Gary & Romona (Hitchcock) Moore, Caral DeChant, LeRoy Law, Janice (Holman) Green, Janet (Griffiths) Harmon, Diane (Kruzich) Bryan, Lyle & Judi Norman, and Norma (Treanor) & Bill Burke.


Please send NewsLink donations to:

   Shirley Robinette

   812- E. 22nd St

   Des Moines, Iowa    50317




   Please send all address changes and items for the NewsLink to :

    Larry Fogelson

    3121 – Twana Drive

    Des Moines, Iowa    50310

Ph (515) 279-0013

or    Email- ChiefFog@concentric.net


Please, Please, people. Send me your address changes when you move. Each round of NewsLinks that I send out, I receive from 10 to 20 of them back. Only about 20 % of them come back with a forwarding address. Then I have to use another envelope, stamp, etc. to send on to the new address. I have lost about 30 of our classmates and their addresses since I started this Newsletter. This mailing list is also the one that will be used for notification of up coming reunions. So, please keep us current on your address. If you know of someone who has moved, please ask them to contact me, or you send me their new address.   Thank You!


Most of these could not be found for the 40th

reunion. Others have moved and given us no

forwarding address. Please help us if you


Sharon Crawford Allsteadt

Charles Baker

Lola Baker

Susan (Beebe) Bane

Karen Anderson Barton

Shirley Brown

George Butler

Harold J Cahow

Virginia Blame Carlson

Sandra Carter

Carl 0 Chri stiansen

DeWavne F Clark

Helen Cooper

Hazel (Harmon) Crocker

William Downev

Donald J Dugan

Mananne Fisher

Robert L Freeborn

Robert L Graham

Ron Gray

John Hall

Edward L. Harvey

Sheryl (Deskin) Hoisman

Marilyn Jackson

James Jesser

Joanne (Bosshardt) Jergens

Jim Jordan

Barbara Batrv Kimley

Gary Lewis

Gene Lewis

Janet (Beeman) Madsen

Thomas P Mason

Ralph Marshall

Sandra Parsons Mathys

Bill McGriff

Barbara Byerlv Monahan

John Moody

Jeanne (Clark) Moore

Nancy Morrow

Norma Allison Moslander

John Nelson

Bill Orris

Rhoda Smith Parks

Donald Patton

Charles Price

Jeanne (Sacco) Randleman

Wilma Richards

Margaret Chapman Roe

Lily Rose

Lucille Belzer Ryan

Jolene Wichersheim Shadley

Jack Slattery

Betty Smith

Max K Smith

Harvey Thompson

Opal Tomlinson

Beverly (Adams) Tucker

Jeanine Ruth Turner

Lynn Van Sickle

Tom F White

Frances Knotts Wright

Janet Wright


Mark Calendar Now for Dinner Monday night September 25th at 6:30 pm at

Pagliai’s (pronounced poly-eyes) Pizza, 5312- Merle Hay Road.

Please Call:


Janeene Carlisle at 984-6030

Pat Hockersmith at 226-8996

Larry Fogelson at 279-0013

By Wednesday September 20th




Help us on the List of the Lost.


Send us Address Changes.


Send a donation if possible to keep NewsLink going.


Plan now for 45th Reunion.


Send E-mail addresses to me for NewsLink.

Also E-mail them to Tom Lettington (tom@tfl.net) for our Web-Site.


See you at the September Dinner!