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����������������� East High Class of 1956

����� NewsLink��������

����������� ����������� June, 2001





Hopefully, it will be talked about as being more exciting then the �Thrilla in Manila�. It has an all star cast of good old fashion down to earth friendly folks. What is it you ask? It�s the EHS 45th Reunion of the Class of 56.

When?Friday, Aug. 31st, Sat., Sept 1st.

Where? Prairie Meadows Pavilion on Friday

Echo Valley Country Club on Saturday

What? A good old fashion , friendly get together with lots of conversation and circulation, with some reminiscencing of the good ol days, and some bragging about kids,grandkids, and other items of importance.

Who�s invited?All Class of �56� grads from East High School.

What do I have to do?Get your reservations in immediately to:

Shirley Robinette

812-E. 22nd Ct.

Des Moines, Iowa�� 50317

New cut off date: July 18th

The cut off date had been July 2nd, however, we talked to both facilities, and got them to extend the date for giving them hard numbers by July 18th. Becauseseveral of you had requested that you needed a little more time before making a commitment. So, now you got it, do not procrastinate, do it now. Several of you had indicated to me by email that you were coming, but we have not received your reservations yet.Please send them in now, as we don�t want anyone to be disappointed.Everyone should have received a flyer in the mail on this. If you did not, or if you misplaced it, and need one, please contact me (Larry Fogelson) immediately, either by mail or email.The committee is looking forward to this reunion being as good as the 40th was. But, we need your participation to make that happen.. ��A few folks have indicated that they will wait for the 50th. I sincerely hope that we can all celebrate the 50th, 60th, etc. together. But, the sad and unfortunate reality is, that not all of us will be around for these. So stop, smell, and enjoy the roses now.



A couple of people have indicated that they will not be able to attend, but were wondering if they could send a donation. That would be very helpful. We have tried to hold the cost as close as possible, and still have a memorable get together. So we would be happy to accept donations toward the reunion. We will make sure you receive recognition for your thoughtfulness.

Please send these donations to Shirley Robinette . Be sure to indicate that it is a donation toward the class reunion.


HeadquartersHotel\Motel for Reunion

Thanks to the inquiry of Dan Strosnider, we now have the following facility for the out of towners who need a place to stay. .Wingate Inn Airport-6800 Fleur DrivePhone: 1-800-557-7048

This impressive facility is only a couple of years old, and is located just a half mile south of the airport at Fleur & Army Post.��They have given us a group rate of $69.00 per night plus taxes. They have an indoor pool, free continental breakfast, plus shuttle service to the Airport, and to Southridge shopping mall about 2 to 3 miles away. It is also only a couple of miles away from the Saturday night festivities.They have reserved a combination of rooms, single beds, two beds, king beds, smoking, non-smoking. We have a block of 25 altogether. If more are needed, they will work with us.��Just call the 800 number above and ask for the group rate for the �East High School Class of 56�. They take all major credit cards. They will hold these rooms until August 17th, at which time they will release all rooms not reserved. So, call now.

(Thanks for the nudge Dan)


Good turn out for April Dinner

We had another good turnout for the April dinner get together. We had 39 people come out for an evening of good food, relaxation, and conversation. We met at Okoboji Grill in Johnston located at 8401 Birchwood Ct. It is on 86th street just north(2nd traffic signal) of Interstate I-80, in front of the Winsong Theater.

Those in attendance were:Bob Trotter, Shirley (Grant) & Bud Robinette, Tom & Linda (White) Towers, Dale & Marlene (Roberts) Wheeler, Jerry and Becky Smith, Larry & Jackie Soloman, Nancy Belluchi, Yvonne (Miller) & Sonny Nauman, Pat (Rounds) & Larry Hockersmith, Conrad & Micki (Wright)Rehard, Rea (Johnson)& Wally Hawxby, LaVae (Konz) Willson, Don & Mary (Crum) Moses, Bill & Mary Lou (Carnal) Howard, Gary & Romona (Hitchcock) Moore, Phil & Barbara(Lowe) Penn, Don & Arlene Spaw, Larry & Janeene(Miller) Carlisle, Bill & Norma(Treanor) Burke, Larry & Margaret Fogelson, Lyle Simpson & Janet Pepper.

A big �Thank You� to the calling committee for notifying everyone. One distressing note in this regard. One of the call committee members had an individual hang up rather abruptly on her after she identified herself and her purpose for calling. Please people, if in fact you do not want to be bothered, just tell whoever is calling you that �You are not interested, and to please remove your name from the call list�. There certainly is no cause to be rude to a former classmate� Enough said about that.��So, having covered that, I now inform the call committee that the next dinner get together will be Monday Night, October 8th at 6:30 PM at the same place (Okoboji Grill). A number of people thought that not only was the food good, but they had a variety for everyone, and besides, a lot of people know where it is at now. Committee members should start calling about Sept 25th or so, and call Janeene with your head count by October 3rd. Janeene will call me on the 4th so I can notify the Restaurant.


Neighborhood Convenience Store Closes

Gene Davis, who owned and operated the neighborhood Kwik Shop at 4538 Lower Beaver Road,retired, and closed the doors on February 1st this year after 30 years. I hear that Gene wanted more time to travel and visit his kids. Gene has a daughter who lives in Tennessee, and a son who lives in California. Also, I understand that Gene had not been able to go to the Indy 500 the last couple of years because the workload was too great. Gene has been to something like 28 �Indys�in a row. Power to ya Gene, and the best of luck. We do miss the convenience of the store, but more importantly, we miss you.


Director of Facility Management Retires

Eugene Clark retired at the end of April this year. Gene had been Director of Facility Management for the Des Moines Public Schools since 1988, and had to be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.� I have known and worked with Gene for over 30 years�, said Executive Director of Facility Management Tom Stokes. �The district is not only losing 37 years of experience, they are losing one of the most dedicated employees to the success of the district.�As a student teacher, Clark went from Cattell to Harding to East teaching math,, history and industrial arts.

Clark has both a bachelor�s and masters in Industrial Education with a secondary administrative certification.�Gene has had a long and distinguished career in the Des Moines Schools as a teacher and an administrator,� said Superintendent Dr Eric Witherspoon��Gene said he is ready to spend more time with his family. His wife, Kay, retired six years ago and has been taking care of their grandchildren while their daughters work at the pet store they run. � I�m going to be there with my wife, helpingout with the grandkids. That�s the job I�m wanting now.�


Amos Hiatt Reunion in Mighty MO.

Sorry to hear about the passing of Joann (Grylls) Brown. Seems like Macks Creek is in my area somewhere. I read the note from Bob Duvall last time, and e-mailed him. We didn�t really know each other in school, although we both went to Hiatt. But I do remember him. He lives a very short distance from me here in the Branson/Table Rock Lake area. We are going to try to get together sometime in the near future to �chat and chew�. ��Thanks for keeping us informed Larry, and I really appreciate your efforts for the NewsLink.

������������� Nancy Rai (Miller) Quillen


Coach Schartner�s Huge victory hurts

Lincoln girls basketball coach Jerry Schartner won his 400th career game at the state Class 4-A girls� tournament. The third-ranked Railsplitters beat No. 4 Ames 47-42.

Coach Schartner yells instructions to his players.

The part that hurt was that his wife Joan wasn�t there to share the moment. �Joan would have loved the thrilling finish. She would have held her breath while granddaughter Stacy Livingston, a sophomore guard, played in the biggest game of her life.� Joan was a loyal coach�s wife, she sacrificed much for her husband�s career. She did all the household chores, shopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry, and took care of their two daughters.��At age 62, Jerry�s life was changed forever, because his beloved wife had passed away.��Jerry met Joan at a Des Moines park when they were students. He was the basketball-crazy East High point guard. She was the good looking girl who would become a baton twirler. Jerry�s focus on life would change forever.��Schartner now ranks 10th among active coaches in Iowa with his 400thwin.


Coach Schartner gets hugs from his granddaughters Molley DeVenney, 10, and her sister Betsy, 8.


(Editors note: I met Jerry at a grandson�s little league baseball game, and we talked briefly. Jerry said he was retiring from teaching this June, but was going to continue to coach.)


Retired, layed back, and enjoying

In July of 2000, we sold our home after 32 years and moved into an apartment in Kansas City. We sold our business in 1997, and retired. We are enjoying our slower paced life now with no customers, no employees, and no suppliers. Wow, what a change for us.��We are looking forward to the 45th reunion and hope to renew some �old� friendships.

Thanks for the NewsLink, I enjoy it and save it to read again later.���Annette (Anderson) Audas


Found from the Missing List

After 17 years in New Jersey, I have returned to Indianapolis, IN. Thanks to Chuck McQuerry, I have been able to keep up with some of the activities that have been going on back home. When I was back there in �96� (?) I talked to Hazel (Harmon) Crocker, and spoke to Denny Ross on the telephone in that same time frame. ��I would like to know what is going on first hand. Chuck said there is something going on this summer. ��Also, I would like to hear from Sharon Burris, Ron Larson, and Tom Pierick.

������������������� Ron Gray

Roundup for the Reunion

Enjoy receiving the newsletter. It is greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to attending the forthcoming reunion. I know of several others who missed the 40th who are planning on attending this one. I will contact several others that I talk with through the year. So far, I know of Jerry and Georgeann Brown, John and Donna Beal, Charles Allen, Dennis Parker and his wife, and Larry Gillialand and his wife.

������������������������� Dan Strosnider

(Sounds like a great challenge Dan. We did receive a note from Larry Gillialand saying we can �count on him� being from the great state of Florida and all. But, we did not know if we should really take it serious, since it appeared to have a dimpled or hanging chad. )


Steadfast and optimistic in spite of Tragedies

To Shirley Robinette. Enclosed is a check for the expenses of NewsLink. To everyone concerned, please keep up the good work. ��My friends know that I have had my share of personal tragedy in my life. My middle daughter, Jennifer-at age 19, was a homicide victim in 1989. My wife, Patricia passed away in 1995. ��Since then, good things have happened. My daughter, Susan, whom many of you met at the last reunion was married in February to a wonderful young man from a super family. For myself, I have been dating a great lady for the past one and a half years, and we will be married on May 5th. We are currently selling our two houses and are looking for our �dream home.� ��We are planning on coming to the reunion this fall. I am looking forward to seeing everybody again, and introducing Barbara.

�� Best wishes to all.�� Ron Olson

(We will be looking forward to seeing you again to Ron, and especially your new wife)


A Cheer for the Chanticleer!!!!!

Hello to all classmates of mine from Woodrow Wilson and East High who may remember me.

The class picture on the Web site brought back memories. I still have the Janruary, 1953 Wilson Yearbook, the Chanticleer. (my brother says that it is the only school in the world that has a chicken as its mascot) ��The operetta we gave that year was �Meet Arizona�, and Tom Lettington had the lead as Larry. I was in the chorus, and I can still remember Mary Ellen Monaco playing an Indian, and Elizabeth Schoonover as an old woman.

��������������������������� Doris (Steffenson) Harrington

(For the benefit of other Wilson attendees, the bldg was razed some years back. So, no more Chicken)


I always look forward to the NewsLink. Seeing names like Mary Lou, Janet Griffiths, Joe Woxell, and many more bring back such vivid memories. Janet and I go back a long ways. I spent many times of pleasure at her house. Joe goes back even further. I wonder if he recalls the near-tragedy on the Des Moines river one winter.I recently spent some time in Des Moines helping my aged mother. It was cold, but I love that. It�s early April here in SSE Turkey, and it�s already into summer heat. Heat/humidity become unbearable during the summer months.I do some tutoring in English, but, because of the mid-February economic crisis, I�ve lost some students. Thousands of workers have lost, and many more will lose their jobs. It�s a critical situation here. I�m okay because of dollars.Enclosed is another donation to deep the NewsLink coming.

������������������ Mary Kay (Peacock) Sampson



The wife and I attended a concert in Cedar Rapids with another couple on Friday March 2nd. We stayed over night, and on Saturday morning met Ken and Judy Viggers for breakfast. It was a short but very enjoyable hour and a half meeting. We talked a little about a lot of things, including school memories, kids, and grandkids.Ken and Judy try to go south to Scottsdale, AZ in the early spring for a short period of time. Ken is still employed with McGladrey & Pullen Business Consultants, so he keeps pretty busy and travels around doing his Job. Judy has retired; she had worked as a Medical Clinic Manager, but has not worked since they moved to Cedar Rapids 5 � years ago. She says she is waiting for Ken to retire so they can travel around the country more to see their combined 8 kids, and their many grandchildren.Ken has spent most of his time in Illinois since High School, graduating from Wheaton College and the University of Chicago Graduate School. Then stayed in Illinois to work up until 5 � years ago.I will probably embarrass Ken when I say for the benefit of those who have not talked with him for these many years, he is still the same; polite, caring, and considerate. Judy is a perfect mach. Although I think Judy�s knowledge and enthusiam for pro basketball is greater then Kens. Wow, could she reel off names and statistics.Ken; Margaret and I, and the couple that was with us, all want to express what a delightful time we had with you and your lovely wife Judy.Larry Fogelson


�� I think Tom Lettington, Larry and the �56 class committee are certainly doing a wonderful job for our Class. Thanks to all of you.I am still on the East High Alumni Foundation Board and plan to print off our web page and share it with the board at our next meeting to encourage other classes to set up their own web pages. This is a great tool for building (or continuing) East High esprit de corps.Keep up the good work.

������������������� Lyle Simpson


We can still use prizes to give away at the reunion, for door prizes, drawings, etc. We can use a product, item, gift certificate or whatever. John Carr has offered to donate a collage of "50 s" memorabilia. That should make a very nice prize. Gift certificates should be something that could be used nationwide. ��Please get in touch with one of the committee members if you have something you would like to donate. We would appreciate it.The planning committee consists of:

Janeene (Miller) Carlise

Larry Fogelson

Pat (Rounds) Hockersmith

Shirley (Grant) Robinette

Larry Soloman

Robert Trotter



If you move, or know you are going to be moving, please send us your address changes. It saves a lot of time and expense.Several of you helped us with some names off the last �List of the Lost�, and we really appreciate that. The bad news is we have lost about another half dozen from the last mailing. We are having a difficult time trying to keep up. So, again we ask for your help. If you see a name on the new �List of the Lost�, please contact me with the new address. Thank You.


Address Changes and Articles for NewsLink to:

Larry Fogelson

3121 � Twana Drive

Des Moines, Iowa���� 50310



Reservations and Donations to:

Shirley Robinette

812 � E. 22ndCt.

Des Moines, Iowa��� 50317



We have been informed of the passing of the following classmates:

Dee Ann (Logan) Brewbaker

Joann (Grylls) Brown

Betty (Wiggins) Chapman

Carol (Langford) Jones

Louis G. Martin

Carolyn (Gatewood) Smith

They are gone, but, not forgotten.



Sharon (Crawford) Allsteadt���� Ralph Marshall

Charles Baker�������������������������� Sandra (Parsons) Mathys

Lola Baker������������������������������ Bill McGriff

Susan (Beebe) Bane����������������� Barbara (Byerly) Monahan

Haren (Anderson) Barton�������� Jeanne (Clark) Moore

Edward James Brown Jr.���������� Nancy Morrow

Shirley Brown������������������������� Norma (Allison) Moslander

George Butler�������������������������� John Nelson

Sandra Carter�������������������������� Bill Orris

Carl O. Christiansen���������������� Rhoda (Smith) Parks

DeWayne F. Clark������������������ Donald Patton

Helen Cooper�������������������������� Gail (Black) Polson

William Downey��������������������� Charles Price

Donald J Dugan����������������������� Wilma Richards

Robert L Freeborn������������������� Margaret (Chapman) Roe

Robert L Graham�������������������� Lily Rose

John Hall�������������������������������� Lucille (Belzer) Ryan

Jean K. Hamilton�������������������� Jolene (Wichersheim) Shadley

Edward L Harvey�������������������� Jack Slattery

Marilyn Jackson���������������������� Betty Smith

James Jesser���������������������������� Max K. Smith

Joanne (Bosshardt) Jergens������ Opal Tomlinson

Jim Jordan������������������������������� Jeanine Ruth Turner

Barbara (Batty) Kimley����������� Lynn Van Sickle

Gary Lewis������������������������������ Tom F White

Gene Lewis������������������������������ Frances Knotts Wright

Frances (Tulley) Malloy���������� Janet Wright

Thomas P. Mason

Please help us on these if you can.�� �������������������



My �Thanks and appreciation� to the following individuals for their donations to keep this NewsLink going:

Nancy Bishop � Carol DeChant � Larry Gilliland

Rea (Johnson) Hawxby � Darral Heggen � Pat (Rounds) Hockersmith � Chuck McQuerry � Mary (Crum) Moses � Suzanne (Samo) Newton � Sherry (Lair) Northcutt � Ron Olson � Nancy (Harris) Robinson � Mary Kay (Peacock) Sampson � Don Spaw � Dan Strosnider � Janice Webber


Between the NewsLink, and Lettingtons Web page, I think we have a good system going to keep in contact, find lost classmates, and read what others are doing. Take advantage of it.

EHS 56 Access to Web �site

You may access Tom Lettington�sClass of�56�Web-site at

At one time, he had 69 classmates enrolled. They not only could access the web site, but could also send one message that would access all 69 classmates at once.

If you change e-mail addresses,, you must let him know. Tom says he has lost contact with Tom Fjelde, Gwen Stubbs, Rod Campbell, and Jerry Reese.�� Their email addresses no longer work!You can sign up for the email list right on the web page.Go there and submit your application to subscribe on-line.

Tom Lettington�s personal email is :


Local Dinner Call Committee

A-B���Jerry Smith

C-F���VaVae (Konz) Willson

F-H���Donna (Aspengren) Yeager

H-N��..Norma (Treanor) Burke

N-S��..Ruth (Cook) Hagg

S-W��..Arlene Spaw

W-Z��..Janeene (Miller) Carlisle

(call Janeene with your headcount by October 3rd)


Next local dinner get together will be :

Monday night, October 8th at 6:30 PM

At Okobogi Grill at 8401-Birchwood Ct.

(86th Street North of I-80)



Friday August 31st at Prairie Meadows

Saturday September 1st at Echo Valley��������������������������������������������� Country Club


��� Send Your


������ Reservations�����


�������������� In Now


I hope everyone has the very best of summers, and we can all tell each other about it at the reunion.